May 3, 2022

Charney Kaye (founder) Charney Kaye's personal website Charney Kaye on LinkedIn is a lifelong hacker, computer programmer, and electronic music producer who has been passionate about the realization of XJ music for over two decades.

Mark C Stewart (music) Mark Stewart on SoundCloud is a NYC-based multi-instrumentalist, session musician and composer. Raised by classical musicians and schooled at Berklee College of Music, Mark seeks out common threads in all musical language.

Jamal Whitaker (music) Voodoolion on Instagram Jamal Whitaker on LinkedIn is an SF-based music producer and student of sociology who has collaborated with hip-hop legends, drawing upon lifelong experience in African and Brazilian drum circles to deliver unique beats from diverse styles.

Ian Hersey (music) is an audio engineer and musician living in Brooklyn, NY. He has mixed or produced almost a hundred records, for artists including Lip Talk, Nasimiyu, Twinsmith, Sun Parade, And the Kids, Super Yamba Band, and Superhuman Happiness. He has a washer/dryer and cooks Sichaun food.

Dave Cole (music) is a NYC-based multi-instrumentalist, session musician and producer. Schooled at Berklee College of Music, Dave is relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

Gus Knowlden (engineering advisor) Gus Knowlden, partner at HeavySet Justin 'Gus' Knowlden on LinkedIn is a scientist and philosopher with over two decades of experience developing software, and building engineering organizations.

Dave Farkas (engineering advisor) Dave Farkas on LinkedIn is an audiophile with a vast collection of eclectic sound, and over two decades of experience in software development.

Philip Z Kimball (counsel) Philip Z. Kimball is a lifelong musician who brings over a decade of litigation experience ranging from prosecuting consumer protection to copyright of musical property.

Michael J. Feigin (counsel) Michael J. Feigin received extensive training from patent attorneys and veterans of the AT&T patent department, with over 150 patents issued including software and technology patents, medical patents, mechanical patents, some electrical patents, and other fields includes chemical and design.

XJ music partners with industry-leading scientists and music professionals, to research and develop ambient music for driving successful outcomes in shared spaces.