The New Standard of Collaborative Music

February 14, 2022

Artists write the musical instructions and record the sounds, before uploading the material to our software platform running in the cloud.

What you hear in the app is the 24/7 live output of that software running the patented algorithm on the source material from the artists.

We believe music is fluid and dynamic between spaces and across time. Artists collaborate continuously on the fly.

The music is never “done” because the music is a breathing, always-changing, never-repeating live stream.

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To learn more about the members of the XJ house band, AIRCRAFT, check out the team page.

Start Your Adventure

Start Your Adventure

November 28, 2022

We're not doing stale playlists anymore

You're Listening to the Future

You're Listening to the Future

April 27, 2022

Music is among the essential human experiences.

A New Algorithmic Medium

A New Algorithmic Medium

April 4, 2022

XJ music is a new algorithmic medium for collaborative recorded music that streams forever, constantly changing without repeating.

Made by Artists
Talented musicians compose and record songs in an entirely new format.
Patented Algorithm
Generating original streams, constantly growing and evolving.
Streaming Live
Delivering nonstop entertainment across all platforms.